Think Childcare, Kilburn


Square Meters

Think Childcare, Kilburn

Operated by Think, Kilburn Childcare Centre is a 697-square meter centre located in Adelaide, South Australia. Sitting amongst 343 square meters of landscaped play area, the centre hosts to up 102 children with 17 staff members.

Kilburn has 6 children group rooms, full commercial kitchen, staff office and dining area along with the other amenities for both staff and children.

The landscape boasts an impressive play area with custom built timber tee-pees, benches, climbing cubes, water pumps and diverse surfaces with synthetic turfs, gravels and soft fall. Externally, the design incorporated greener sustainable composite cladding to impart a welcoming feel in the area.

Similar to Gledswood Hills Childcare Centre, Mammoth’s involvement early on from project for the design phase, documentation and build was achieved in 10 months.