Ken Tubman Drive


Maitland, NSW

Square Meters


Ken Tubman Drive, Childcare Centre

Ken Tubman Drive Childcare operated by Think is the design and construction of a 96 children, 2500sqm childcare centre in Maitland. The centre is located within the fringe of urban Maitland and rural agricultural fields with surrounding shops and residential houses.

The design consisted of 3 separate buildings to house the different children age groups, with the building connected by a common hallway. Internally, there is plenty of rooms to accommodate children toilets, staff rooms and offices, a commercial kitchen, storage and a cot room. The development also includes allocated car parking and a large open air landscaped area in the front of the centre.

The landscape area incorporates interactive features for the children such as tee pees, tunnels, climbing structures, stepping stones, water pumps, sandpits, shade sails and decked platforms.