Our team is dedicated to listening. We take the time to understand your vision and together, create truly unique and inspiring environments.

Mammoth has managed more than 1000 sites across every state and territory of Australia. Around 70% of our business comes from returning satisfied clients.

What is it that keeps people coming back to Mammoth? The number one predictor of a project’s success is the quality of its relationships. That’s a good reason to make them our number our priority. Maintaining and building relationships with clients, employees, sub-contractors, and collaborators help inspire us to deliver outstanding work with professionalism, care and collaboration on every project. And it keeps our clients coming back.

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Troy Smith

Senior Project Manager

Daniel Ryan

Senior Project Manager

Adrian Podlich

Senior Project Manager

Max Page

Project Manager

Barry Steele

Project Manager

Justin Todesco

Senior Project Manager

Samuel Lodge

Project Manager


Our people and clients are at the heart of everything we do. We work with you, we build with you, we celebrate with you.

A successful corporate culture determines the best ways to bring people together because teams that bond better together are inherently more comfortable giving and receiving feedback and brainstorming ideas.

It provides everyone with the opportunity to initiate change and a foundation to grow on a professional and personal aspect, encouraging openness and freedom to voice opinions. At Mammoth, we’re not just colleagues – but friends, a great working environment allows us all to build genuine friendships.

Our company values of trust, quality and tenacity are imbued in everything we do, including all of our team members. We strongly believe in investing in our staff through team building exercises, perks and benefits. So that we can present our best selves to those we give our time to and reward the ongoing hard work that entails Mammoths culture.



If you value integrity, quality, and
collaborative working, you’ve come to the
right place.

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At Mammoth Projects, our breadth of technical skills is a given. However, our common drive to succeed, our enthusiasm for our work, and our passion for providing exceptional service to our clients and communities give us our competitive advantage.

We actively promote integrity, quality and collaboration. If you are interested in joining the Mammoth Projects team, we’d love to hear from you!

Please send us an email with your CV to careers@mammothprojects.com.au


Mammoth Projects believes in investing in our people. We provide everyone with opportunities to use and develop their skills, to learn and grow and expand on their experience.

We encourage mentoring relationships and offer support for formal training and professional development. Our staff keep up-to-date on the latest industry knowledge, with monthly information sessions delivered by industry experts.